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Krisma - Fido

LP - Atlantic 7 80103-1 (1983)

All compositions performed by Maurizio Arcieri on the Casio Casiotone MT 65.
Casio MT 65 programmed by Maurizio Arcieri.
Get more info on the Casiotones.

Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, NYC, February-May, 1983.
Engineered by: Bill Dooley / Mixed by: Maurizio Arcieri / Mastered by G. Piros.

Cover concept by Krisma / Photography by Edo / Color retouching by Ralph Wernli / Art direction: Bob Defrin / Executive Producer: Steven E. Machat.

This work was recorded in New York, at the Atlantic Studios and released in the USA under the name of "Fido".

It was then released in Italy by a small label, Franton Records, under the name of "Nothing To Do With the Dog", and had little promotion, despite its good reviews in the States. 
Even the recording seems not to adhere to the original master, so that the italian version of this work has a rather "flat" sound.

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Track list of "Fido":
  1. Nothing To Do with the Dog
  2. I'm Not in Love *
  3. I Must Know Your Name
  4. Girls Drumming
  5. Eye to Eye
  1. Boys Drumming
  2. Carefully *
  3. Find a Friend *
  4. Heroes of the Sea *
  5. Everybody Drumming
* listen to this track via the link on the right
Krisma - Fido



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