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Krisma - Clandestine Anticipation

LP: CGD - 20296 (1982) / CD: CGD-Urlo - 4509 97361-2 (1994)

Composed performed engineered produced by Krisma.
Guest of the year Peter Maben. 
Cover by Mario Convertino.

Track list of "Clandestine Anticipation":
  1. Miami *
  2. Samora Club
  3. Crucial Point
  4. Melonarpo *
  1. Silly Europeans
  2. Wrong Island *
  3. Opposite etisoppO
  4. Water *
  5. Zacdt Zacdt 
* listen to this track via the link on the right

A milestone in Krisma's music: pure new wave electro-pop, avant-garde sperimentalisms, great beats and future-retro sounds.

To promote the album a series of stunning videos were shot, in tropical locations. The clips were co-produced by Rai Television program "Mister Fantasy", hosted by Carlo Massarini.
All clips are available in video section of this site.

The CD version, released in 1994 is - unfortunately - no longer available, unless digitally (see box on the right).
I receive from time to time e-mails from European and North / South America fans asking how to find it.
Try visiting a record fair (e.g. Vinilmania in Milan, or the one held in Utrecht) and ask for it to a vendor... maybe you'll be lucky enough to find it...

My copy was found by a friend. Here are the scans of the cd and cover:

Krisma: Clandestine Anticipation CD version
Krisma: Clandestine Anticipation CD version
Krisma: Clandestine Anticipation CD version

A promotional box (350 numbered copies) was also conceived: the box, in cardboard, was stamp-printed on the the top with a rough Clandestine Anticipation Rare Promo Boxreproduction of the album's cover, then hand-retouched by Krisma themselves with a sort of dripping technique using different colors.

The box's content was: the mixes of  Water/Miami (CGD 15065) and Crucial Point/Samora Club (CGD 15066); an original album promo photograph; a fine print on black paperboard that reproduced the album's cover; sixteen pieces of a puzzle that - when reconstructed - also reproduced the album's cover; a litte vacuum-packed  plastic envelope with some toy-like plastic objects inside.

Krisma - Clandestine Anticipation
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Clandestine Anticipation is sold digitally in various international major sites.
The stated release date is: March 29, 2005.

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