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Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant

LP: Polydor - 2448 060 (1977) / CD: Polydor - 523 687-2 (1994) / CD: Polydor 1748796 (2007)

Chinese Restaurant has been re-released for the second time on CD in November 2007!

Recorded at Nemo Studios - London, and Phonogram Studios, Milan - Italy - July 77 November 77.

Sound Engineers: Keith Spencer-Allen, Dave Marinone.
Mixed at the Phonogram Studios - Milan, by Dave Marinone and Niko Papathanassiou.
G. Durini: drums.
E. Vevey: acoustic and electric guitar.
Maurizio Arcieri: polymoog.
Christina Moser: acoustic guitar.
Niko Papathanassiou: drums, bass synthetizers, Yamaha keyboards and percussions.
Keith Spencer-Allen: computer narration programming.
Cover photos outside-inside by: Veronique Skavinska.
Arranged and produced by: Niko Papathanassiou.

Watch Chinese Restaurant videos in Chrisma Video section.

Track list of "Chinese Restaurant":
  1. Thank you (instr.) *
  2. Black Silk Stocking *
  3. Lola
  4. What For
  1. Wanderlust *
  2. Lycee
  3. Mandoia *
  4. Thank You
* listen to this track via the link on the right

The CD version, released in 1994, is - unfortunately - no longer available.
I receive from time to time e-mails from European and North / South America fans asking how to find it.
Try visiting a record fair (e.g. Vinilmania in Milan, or the one held in Utrecht) and ask for it to a vendor... maybe you'll be lucky enough to find it...

My copy was found by a friend. Here is the scan of the cd:
Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant CD version

Chinese Restaurant ad in "Ciao 2001" music magazine:

Chinese Restaurant ad in "Ciao 2001" music magazine

I am  looking for video clips and European / USA TV appearences  of  "Chinese Restaurant" singles promotion tour to trade with videos I collected through the years.
If you have any info, or want to share information, please write me.

Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant


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