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Isola Australia - 2006
Krisma cover this Garbo song included in tribute CD "Congarbo". Christina Moser

The track is arranged with Andy from Bluvertigo.
Download Isola Australia promo version and get the lyrics.

Krismagoa - 2005
A "goa-trance" track composed for Arezzo Wave Festival, and included in Trax Magazine sample cd.

10 Stratagemmi - 2004
Krisma have co-written and appear in 3 tracks ("Odore di polvere da sparo", "23 coppie di cromosomi", "Apparenza e realtą") for Franco Battiato's album "Dieci Stratagemmi". Vocals: Battiato; music: Krisma and Battiato.

In 2003 Maurizio and Christina appeared in Battiato's movie "Perduto amor", in which Maurizio sings "Cinque Minuti e poi...".

Nuova Ossessione - 2001
A former guitarist of Chrisma, now member of Subsonica's crew, put in contact the two groups. They decided to Maurizio Arcierico-write "Nuova Ossessione", which topped the italian charts for many weeks.

Kara - 2001
Single CD. The last official Krisma release.

ReBirth and demos - 2001/present
Tip Master track and ReBirth sessions - included in playlist on the right - are part of Krisma production often performed in live and TV appearences, but never released on CD, for the moment.



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