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Krisma and Graziano Origa were part of the first punk movement in New York. Graziano he's easily one of the most controversial italian art directors no-code, although he's possibly the least comfortable fit in border line seminal. Traditional, also trash, nave, cult, but still very old fashion classic. In 1972, Graziano began to work in comics at Milano. He draw black and white pen/ink portraits: Presley, Divine, Krisma, Eva Robbin's, Armani, Bonelli, Fiorucci, Cadinot, Sid Vicious, Pasolini, Warhol. In the 80's he lived in New York, followed by the publication of illustrations for Advocate, Torso, Blueboy and the weekly Screw. His work has been exhibited worldwide, from Plastic (Milano) to One Saloon (Key West). With his partner phographer, Joe Zattere, founded fashioned magazines like Punk Artist (1979), Focus (1985), Fumetti d'Italia (1992).
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