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In 2005 the Wifes published - with Siouxie's Severin - the single "Scumpop/Black Silk Stocking"

Formed in London in 1994 the Readers Wifes, AKA Kim Phaggs and Chelsea Kelsey, were among the forerunners of the kind of clubbing eclecticism we take for granted these days. Back then, however, their 5 hour long sets mixing ‘80s electro, glam, punk, ska, Motown and Kate Bush were a truly revolutionary proposition in a clubland awash with wall-to-wall digital house and samey E-pop. Gauntlets were thrown down, frightening wigs fiercely taken up - you either loved them or hated them, they didn’t care; they probably hated YOU anyway.

The Wifes naturally graduated towards promoter Simon Strange and Amy Lame when the latter duo began searching about Readers Wifes Line Upfor soundtrack providers for their new club venture. Called Duckie, this combination of performance art hangout and rock’n’roll nightclub was originally intended to run for just four weeks a crumbling Georgian building in Vauxhall, London. Quickly attracting just about every disaffected freak, pervert and scum sucker from the very fringes of the gay, fashion and arty scenes, the club became a legend overnight. Ten years on its still rammed to the rafters every Saturday night.

In 2001 Kim and Chelsea decided that they wanted to try their hand at making their own music, or at least the kind of records they could play in their own DJ sets between Marc Bolar and Kraftwerk. An initial track found its way into the hands of Jeremy Kim berley and Mark Satanic, two regulars at the club. Their reworked track was presented to Kim and Chelsea - who were most impressed, and demanded more! More was forthcoming in the shape of an instrumental which was to later to become "Bitch At The Brits".

Jeremy is the proud owner of a honie studio and an impressive musical talent - encased in his studio, surrounded by banks of gadgetry and keyboards he can emerge after short periods of intense activity with startling gems. He also acts as producer on all tracks Chelsea has a great talent for dry, observational lyrics - often with a grimly humorous edge. Vocals-are taken care of by Kim, whose style and delivery compliment Chelsea's words perfectly. Satanic is a classically trained musician and his virtuoso skills on a wide range of instruments add the final touch to the talent pool that became - Readers Wifes, The Band.

The foursome wrote non-stop over the course of a year, emerging at the start of 2002 with a debut single and a series of live gigs that knocked underground London off its feet. The limited edition single "Bitch At The Brits/Fuc Dup" was a scathing attack on the music industry: it sold out within a week.
In 2003 The Wifes were approached by legendary Siouxsie & The Banshees founder and bassist Steven Severin. He came to see the band play live and a partnership was quickly struck up, with Severin in the producers seat - he also took on the management of the band with business partner Ritchie Franklin. The first result of the collaboration with Severin was the 2005 single "Scumpop/Black Silk Stocking" (the latter by Chrisma) - another limited edition and a chart entry.

August 8 2005 saw the release of the band’s third single "Nostalgia", a collaboration with New York cabaret icon Justin Bond (Kiki & Herb). Nostalgia broke into the UK Indie Charts at an impressive number 15, and also made an appearance in the main UK charts.
Since the release of Nostalgia the band have been working on their debut album. With the working title "Gaslight" the album will contain twelve tracks, and is set for release in June 2007.


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