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Cathode Mamma Polydor Press Release (1980)*

Krisma - strange blonde fusion of Italo/Swiss origin (purely genetically speaking) left the test-tube three years ago...

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...since then they have spread a blanket of sartorial anarchy, hair-dye horror and rock innovation from Rome to Hamburg, Hamburg to Paris, and finally from London.

Their chemical origin has all the better fitted them to shake off the restrictions of Italian musical romanticism.
Krisma 1980 logoTheir first album, "Chinese Restaurant" was made in London with the musical collaboration of Vangelis, and indeed recorded in his studios in London.
Sexy rock with more than vestigial electronic overtones.
On the Continent their single hit was "Lola" - New Wave sensuality with electronic shock.
The next album "Hibernation": emotions, love and life in frozen suspension, controlled at a timeless distance by equally frozen deities - whence the single "Gott, Gott Elektron".

Krisma: Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri: now live and love in London. They have just finished recording their third album - an overwhelmingly electronic opus which restores romanticism to its right place - in the bowels of the computer.
How to love machines and still come to terms with life - a an electronic voyage of re-invigoration bounced from the opposing lyrical electrode of Berlin/Venice/Tirana and London.

The album - "Cathode Mamma" a Polydor 2448 110
The single "Many Kisses / Rien ne va plus" Polydor 2060 225
simultaneously released in Italy and the UK.

The album was produced at Trident Studios London by Jack Lancaster and Maurizio Arcieri. The music is written by Maurizio Arcieri (with the exception of  "White Knife" which is written by Christine Moser) and the lyrics by Peter Sibley. The synthetizers were programmed by Hans Zimmer of "Buggles" fame, whose electronic virtuosity will accompany Krisma on stage and on television when he regularly appears as the third "live" member of the group.

* Thanks to Leo De Rosa from Universal Music Italy


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