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Krisma TV
"This television has no name, but it still has all the names of the world. It doesn't have schedules, but it'll still follow time.This television will witness unimposed time, inside and outside reality multiplies. It's going to take part at "real time" intensity, trying to portray its qualities, which it then pukes down from the sky to earth".
With excerpts in Real Streaming.

Fanzine by F.C.N. - APPROVED!!!
".un instabile contenitore di pop-culture, raccoglitore di scarti del mondo moderno, spazzatura pop a poco prezzo di qualunque natura: televisione, cinema, musica, oggetti, giocattoli, eros, tutto quanto possa essere bislacco e strambo, diventano i culti dei quali ABASTOR si nutre..."

Lyrics of music by Vangelis
Hosted by our dutch friend Henk Hengelen.
Check it for Chrisma lyrics.

Vangelis Collector
Uncle Don is one of the greatest Vangelis and Vangelis-related (including Chrisma, of course!) collectors in the world.

Maybe world's largest catalog of music. New, used, hard-to-find, collectible, import... A must for searching Krisma rarities on line.

Krisma Music Choice Links [../1_ins_inserts/H2-body.htm] Minimal-Elektronik
"If you like squeaky, bubbling and screwing sounds of analogue synthesizers this is the thing for you..."
(Hi, Martin...)

Dabadaba Revival Project
"Dabadaba deals with a period between 1965 and 1973... Glamour, fashion, style, design, the success of Eurovision...(...)
And, of course, Dabadaba is a nice kind of film music, created by Anton GarcěŸ Abril." All this and more inspired the Spanish Webmaster in creating this cool site.

Roxy Music Central
Gateway for a great number of resources regarding the sophisticated glam rock of Ferry, Eno, McKay and Manzanera...

Hyperreal Music Archive
As stated in their "Mission" page: "The Hyperreal Music Archive seeks to facilitate, directly and indirectly, increased awareness and understanding of electronic music".

The EnoWeb project originally established by Malcolm Humes in October 1993.
All you ever wanted to know about Brian Eno.

Jon Hassell and Fourth World Music
"I think that few people have understood the conceptual ramifications of the sampler - as usual, Hassell is the exception, with his image of "the Mona Lisa painted with tiny snapshots of the Taj Mahal". That's a beautiful idea." -- Brian Eno



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