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I New Dada - essential biography*

From I New Dada to the satellite, from the beat moods to the electronic experimentalism: the life and career of Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser

The New Dada at Cantagiro (1966)1962: At seventeen Maurizio Arcieri forms I New Dada.
The line-up, besides Maurizio, is formed by Franco "Pupo" Longo (battery), Franco Ladanza and Renato "Renč" Vignocchi (guitars), Ferruccio "Ferry" Sansoni (keyboards) and Giorgio Fazzini (bass-guitar).

1965-1966: thanks to Leo Watcher, their manager, the band is chosen to support the Italian tour  of the Beatles. By now launched, they enter among the first five Italian beat bands and win the  first edition of the "Beat Bands Festival" of Rieti.

A handful of singles and an album, "I'll Go Crazy", are released in a short time; the band takes part to different TV shows ("Studio Uno", "Andiamoci Piano", etc...) and participate at the 1966 edition of the "Cantagiro" Festival with "Non dirne pių".

In the autumn of the same year I New Dada win several contests held by "Bandiera Gialla" beat club.

On September 22, 1966 Maurizio meets Christina Moser at a private party held for the birthday of Patrizia Watcher (daughter of New Dada's producer Leo).

At the top of success I New Dada split and Maurizio undertakes a solo career.



* thanx, Aurora B.!
English translation by Mind Lounge and Patricia Vercammen.


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