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Krisma - essential biography*

From the New Dada to the satellite, from the beat moods to the electronic experimentalism: the life and career of Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser

Christina (ztriF sevoL)1980: change of name and third album for the band (now with Hans Zimmer - now Oscar winning composer - at synthetizers programming): "Cathode Mamma".
The single "Many Kisses" is a big summer hit and climbs the European charts. Krisma develop the first minisequencer: Krismino.

1981: the Arcieris leave Polygram for CGD and start to work in Holland at a new album that will be completed among an Alpine chalet and Milan.

1982: the experimental "Clandestine Anticipation" is released. Its sleeve artwork (by the late art designer Mario Convertino) will mark a real miliary stone. The album deals with water in all of its forms (liquid, frozen, at the state of vapor, fog, snow or rain) and is supported by a series of amazing videos filmed in tropical locations.

1982/1986: they sojourn in New York City. In the USA they will be authors of three videos for  MTV; subsequently they begin to work for France 2. In Italy they  often appear within different episodes of the program "Be Bop a Lula" hosted by Red Ronnie for Italia Uno.
They teach electronic music and satellite contents in Detroit's Cranbrook Academy of Art.

"Nothing To do With the Dog" (of which an international version exists: "Fido") and " Iceberg" are released.
"Nothing To do..." lyrics are by Krisma and Arto Lindsay.

Maurizio Arcieri1987/1990: their last work on vinyl, "Non ho denaro", is released. One of the hardest-to-find Krisma records, mostly sung in italian, "Non ho denaro" contains gems like "Messaggiami" and "Jungle Lover".

1991/1999: their first records are remastered. They continue the productions for Italian state broadcasting company Rai Tre (Blob, Sat Sat) and produce a cut-up movie clip insert for for Nitrato d'Argento a film by Marco Ferreri (see movie poster on Flickr).
Maurizio and Christina also design several video-art installations and are consultants for Benetton's Centro Ricerca Comunicazione.
Since July 22, 1998, satellite television KrismaTV reaches, through Skyplex, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabic Countries.

1999/2000: KrismaTV is now broadcasted from Eutelsat.
In June 2000 finally opens and Maurizio comes back with the solo project Re/BIRTH...

2001: Kara - the brand new Krisma cd single - has been released!!

2002- present: go to New Releases, Collaborations and Research page.

* thanx, Aurora B.!
English translation by Mind Lounge and Patricia Vercammen.


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